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About Capital Hair Restoration – London

Capital Hair Restoration of Harley Street provides both Surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Packages for men and women who are experiencing Hair Loss.

We offer Hair Transplant procedures in our UK or European clinics with a uniquely personal service which gives our patients an unrivaled customer experience. Please see our London What Clinic profile for reviews of our Hair Transplant procedures or search for us in Google or Trust Pilot.

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FUE Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

Hair Restoration Programme

Hair Replacement

Our FUE Hair Transplant Service is the most minimally invasive Hair Transplant Procedure available today. It involves extracting Individual Hair Follicles with a tiny punch one follicle at a time. This enables our surgeon to extract Hair Follicles without any linear scarring.

This procedure ensures that the recovery period for the patient is as short as possible allowing each patient to return to their normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. This method also allows each patient to maintain any hairstyle that they choose post-procedure. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is virtually painless. Once the Follicular Units have been extracted, the Surgeon will create tiny incisions into the recipient area and will then place the donor follicular units into these incisions with the aid of their surgical team to complete the procedure.

Capital Hair Restoration provides FUE Hair Transplant procedures in the UK and In Europe and we highly recommend a free consultation to discuss exactly what can be achieved for you with this treatment option. Whether your Hair Loss is in the early stages or advanced, it is highly possible with our exclusive options that a fantastic result can be achieved for you. We often perform procedures with up to 4000 Grafts in a single session.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves making an incision from the back of one ear to the back of the other ear and removing a strip of skin 1cm-1.5cm in height from the back of the scalp. This strip can contain thousands of individual hair follicles that are dissected individually from the strip and prepared for transplantation.

Our surgeon will then create tiny incisions into the recipient area and will then place the donor follicular units into these incisions with the aid of their surgical team to complete the procedure.

There are many benefits of FUT including preserving the density of the donor area for future transplantation and enabling the surgeon to achieve a large number of Follicular Unit Transplants in a single session.

FUT is considered to be a minor out-patient surgery. The procedure can take from 3-8 hours and will be under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. There is little discomfort during the surgical procedure. The donor area where the grafts have been harvested is closed up neatly with a trichophytic wound closure leaving a neat linear scar that will not be detectable unless the hair is cut extremely short. If the patient wishes to keep a very short hairstyle, they should only consider the FUE technique.

Capital Hair’sRestoration program is an ideal option for those men looking to stabilize their hair loss or improve the density of their hair naturally without the need for surgery. We combine scientifically tested and clinically proven treatments and products only to ensure the very best results for you. These treatments can be used conveniently at home without the time/financial constraints of in-clinic treatment

It is firstly important to diagnose the reasons for your hair loss and to discuss your expectations. Once this has been done, if we recommend our Non-Surgical program, we will propose a detailed treatment plan exclusively for you. You will be able to benefit from the program around your existing activities and you are free to style your hair as you wish throughout your treatment.


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